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Wednesday, 16 January 2013
If you want to know if an archive is ok you can test it with -tv option (t for test, v for verbose):

Testing a tar gzip archive:

  bzip -tv filename.gz

Testing a tar bzip archive:

  bzip -tv filename.bz2

Faster testing of a tar bzip archive
To use all cores of your machine we will install pbzip2 first which is a parallel bzip utility:

  cd /usr/ports/archives/pbzip2
  make install clean; rehash

Then to test we run:

  pbzip2 -tv filename.bz2

If you want to test a tar archive that is also compressed you must decompress it first then test with:

  tar -tvf filename.tar

or you can run (to test a tar gzip file):

  tar -tvzf filename.tgz

To test a tar bzip2 archive run:

  tar -tjvf filename.tgz

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