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Wednesday, 11 April 2012
If we want to run a command in FreeBSD at a specified time but we do not want to add it to cron service then we could use at command.

For example if we want to stop a machine at a specified date/hour we will run:

  echo "/sbin/halt -p"  |  at  17:39  11.04.2012

This will make use of at command that will queue /sbin/halt -p for execution at hour 17:39 on 11.04.2012.

To see all commandes added to run using at we will use atq:



  at -l

To delete a job from queue run:

  at -r 2

where 2 is job number.

Note: Using at is not very precise, at makes use of cron service and will run every 5 minutes to check if there are jobs added in queue for execution.

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