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Thursday, 22 March 2012
If you do not want to change your default settings from your wifi card but you want just to manually configure wifi from command line so next time when you restart your previous settings will be keeped do the following steps.

This is usefull to test/use a different wifi network for a while then reboot and keep your regular wifi settings.

1. Start terminal from Finder / Applications / Utilities / Terminal

2. Switch to root user with:

  sudo su
(you will need to input root password

3. Delete default route with:

  route delete default

4. Add an IP alias to your network wifi card

  ifconfig en1 netmask alias

5. Add default route to new wifi router

  route add default

The setup works if you are previously connected to that router wifi. For example if you have an access point that connects you to multiple networks. Or if not, just connect first to this second Access Point and then run previous commands.

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