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Friday, 10 June 2011
This tip shows you how to get info about installed drives in FreeBSD. We can easyly do a dmesg | grep ad0 to find info about our drives but what if we removed a usb drive that was da0 and add another one different than first that is still da0? There's a better way to do that using atacontrol and camcontrol tools.

We are able to see what are drives detected by our FreeBSD at boot or in real time (when a hot swapable drive or a usb drive is added) with a sysctl command:

  sysctl kern.disks

Then we can use atacontrol to get info on IDE/SATA drives and camcontrol for USB drives.

The next command get info about ad0 drive:

  atacontrol cap ad0

If we have an USB Flash Stick we can use camcontrol to get info about it:

  camcontrol inquiry da0

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