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Friday, 17 October 2008

This is work in progress. Came back later.

This tutorial is about building a Wifi Hotspot or a Wifi Network for a hotel, campus, commercial center, libraries or cafe. FreeBSD will be used as a router, traffic shaper, authentication server.

- multiple AP linked on ethernet LAN;
- wifi mesh network using OLSR

Depending on your needs you will choose one of those two layouts.

Wifi Network, Multiple Hotspots, FreeBSD
Multiple Hotsports linked in an Ethernet LAN


Mesh Wifi Network
A Wifi Mesh Network

To complete the project we will need:
- an Internet connection to our ISP (Fiber Link, ADSL or other type of Internet connection);
- a server acting as a router with traffic shaping;
- an authentication server for our users;
- an Web Gui for user management;
- a payment system for paid wifi connections;
- a cache proxy;
- dedicated access points configured to act as nodes in a wifi mesh network (for second topology);

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