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Sunday, 01 June 2008
If you've installed Mambo or Joomla CMS and you've forgot admin password you can change it from mysql database for your Mambo / Joomla instalation, table mos_users (jos_users in Joomla), field password. You have two choices:

1. Changing Mambo / Joomla admin password to default (which is 'admin' too)

Update mos_users table (jos_users, in Joomla) with password:


(this is encrypted 'admin' password)

2. Generate your encripted password with a one line php script:

// ----------- passwd.php file
php echo md5($password);

Then from your browser open http://localhost/passwd.php?password=new_pass

Put the result into your Mambo / Joomla database, table mos_users (jos_users for Joomla), field 'password'.

The default password of Mambo / Joomla CMS is 'admin', taken at instalation from mambo.sql file. To change password use PhpMyAdmin tool or mysql client from shell.
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