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Monday, 05 May 2008
This howto explain how to burn CDs and DVDs under FreeBSD

1. Compile the FreeBSD kernel with the following options:
device atapicam
device ata
device scbus
device cd
device pass

2. Install cdrtools package
You will need to install cdrtools package (cdrecord and mkisofs are included in cdrtools)

3. Find dev parameters
To see the name of device for burning CDs and DVD use the the command:
cdrecord -scanbus

If after issuing this command no device ids will appear that means the kernel is not compiled with cd burning support.

To blancd / dvd rw
cdrecord -v dev=1,0,0 -blank=fast

To burn a cd or dvd
cdrecord -v dev=1,0,0 speed=8 image_file.iso

To create an ISO with mkisofs
mkisofs -R -J -o "image_file.iso" /pat_to_files_that_will_be burned

To create an bootable ISO with mkisofs
mkisofs -b "boot/cdboot" -no-emul-boot -c "boot/boot.catalog" -R -J -o "image_file.iso" /pat_to_files_that_will_be burned

(assuming that boot/cdboot is where the boot files are located)

Burning DVDs
Version of burncd included on cdrtools package does not support burning DVDs so
for burning DVDs we will use growisofs(1) which is a frontend to mkisofs.

Add in /boot/loader.conf:
You will need this to activate DMA for atapi devices in order to properly burn DVDs. This option is recommended for burning CDs too.

How to burn a DVD:
# growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cd0 -J -R /pat_to_files_that_will_be burned

How to burn an ISO to DVD
# growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cd0=image_file.iso
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