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Tuesday, 05 December 2006
This section includes different kernel configurations for different destination of a FreeBSD Server. Whn you need to build a router with IPFW you will need to recompile kernel with specific options, if you need netgraph support, you will have to recompile kernel with other options. Of course you could use module, but for maximum performance of your server, is better to add support in kernel for your needed options.

Kernel with IPFW and Dummynet support
If you want to build a FreeBSD router based on IPFW firewall, dummynet for traffic limiting (and natd for Network Address translation) you will need these options in kernel.

Kernel with ALTQ support for PF (OpenBSD's Packet Filter) in FreeBSD
If you build a router with PF and ALTQ support you will need these options added to your Kernel.

Kernel for a PPPoE or PPTP server, with mpd - Netgraph support
For building a PPPoE or PPTP server with mpd you will need netgraph support in kernel.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 December 2006 )

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