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Friday, 15 July 2005

FreeBSD Production Server
A howto setup a FreeBSD production server.

Configure a FreeBSD Production Web Server with Apache, PHP and MySQL

This howto is about building a FreeBSD Production Web Server with Apache, PHP, MySQL and different PHP modules for supporting different PHP scripts (like Joomla CMS, Vtiger or SugarCRM, PHPBB, and many more). Installation process of those scripts is not presented in this tutorial.

Configure a FreeBSD Router with IPFW

Step by step process of building a router using IPFW firewall and NATD for network address translation.

Configure a PPPoE Server with pppoed
If you want to build your own PPPoE server for your LAN users, so they will use PPPoE authentication to access the internet, or for a small wireless network, you can use FreeBSD's pppoed. Althought this tutorial is about pppoed, on FreeBSD is available also MPD, as PPPoE or PPTP server.

Configure a PPPoE server using MPD.
MPD is netgraph multi-link PPP daemon. Can be used with great success as a reliable PPPoE server.

PPPoE Load Balancing
Configure PPPoE Servers to work as Load Balances.

Name Server with Bind
Howto setup and test a DNS server with Bind v.9. This tutorials is working on Linux too.

FTP Server with Proftpd
Howto setup a ftp server with Proftpd

Mail Server with Postfix
A complete step by step tutorial for setting up a production Mail Server with Postfix, SMTP authentication and virtual users (using MySQL). Follow every step, in order to succesfuly setup the mail server.

Managing FreeBSD Packages
Howto manage FreeBSD Packages

Kernel Configurations
Kernel configurations for different server setups

Kernel Options
This section will describe all Kernel Options

Sysctl Variables
This section describes FreeBSD Sysctl Variables

SSH Public key based authentication
Here is a mini Howto about configuring your SSH service to work with Public Keys Based Authentication.

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